Industrial Sheds

No matter what size of building or for what purpose, a strong industrial building will suit any purpose. Whether you need a factory or a new open space roof for a sports centre, we can tailor a solution for you.

Our industrial sheds are built with either strong I-Beam columns and rafters or a welded-web truss. Backing the truck into one of these sheds is most likely not going to do any damage – except to your ute.

All industrial sheds are built with strong Z-Sections for the purlins and girts with welded cleats for attaching. The frame need to be crane lifted into place but the frames are fully constructed ready for the sheeting.

The strength of the I-Beam/Web Truss combination allows you to pull big spans for storing the tractor, installing a crane rail or even as an aircraft hangar.

We supply sheds for all purposes
  • Warehouse Shed

  • Storage Shed

  • Factory Sheds

  • Aircraft Hangers

  • Transport Sheds

  • Machinery Sheds

  • C-Section Sheds

  • I- Beam Sheds

  • Sports Arenas

  • School Sheds

  • Sports Shelters

  • Heavy Equipment Sheds

  • Remote Covers

  • Remote Workshops

  • Live stock shelters

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